MEMOIRS / Family History

Just as each person’s life is unique, so each memoir and the process of completing it is unique. Most people fall into one of these categories:

  • You’ve written some portion of your memoir and you’re stuck;
  • You’ve written most or all of a memoir and need help getting it into print;
  • You haven’t started, but you’d like to (or you hope your mother or father will start).
Whatever your situation, if you would like to write your memoir, we can help.

Here is the process we can adapt to fit your particular needs:
  • You tell your stories in the form that works best for you.
  • We meet in half-day sessions, morning or afternoon.
  • We record interviews, or take notes as you tell us stories, or review writing you have already done. We will edit, or write, or conduct background research as needed. We specialize in asking questions to draw out your best stories.
  • We will help you keep on track, direct your focus, and bring your project to completion.
  • We will help with photograph selection.
  • We work with you to come up with a book design and layout that will enhance your story in an clean, classic style that will be appreciated for generations to come.
  • At the conclusion of each session we will determine together the next steps to be taken: what will you write or research, and which parts will we do?

You are in complete control of the scope of this project. You are free to stop, or take a break, at any time. We will hold as many or as few of these meetings as needed until your book is ready for printing. Later sessions will include review of the design and layout of your memoir.

Half-Day Session Price: $250 / £150

Session may include a recorded interview, background research, writing and editing, or design and layout.

Transcription of recorded interviews, proofreading of final text, and printing of books will be billed separately.

The cost of your book will include however many half-day sessions you decide is right for you plus transcription, proofreading, and printing.

Click here to see examples of our products - covers and interiors of personal history, family history and memoir books.

Audio CD Recording

Copies of an audio CD with a sampling of your voice reading from your memoir can be made available for an additional fee.


Perhaps you aren’t sure you have a whole book to write, but you want your grandchildren to know about your childhood, or you want to describe an especially meaningful time in your life. Maybe your parents are hesitant to write a memoir but they have some stories you and your siblings would love to collect. The mini-memoir is designed to meet this need. It includes:

  • One recorded interview
  • Transcription and editing
  • Layout with one cover photograph and 4-6 selected photographs inside
Price: $2000 - $2500 / £1300 - £1800, depending on scope of the project

There are a number of options for printing your books which we can review with you. Printing will be billed separately.

Click here to see examples of our products. Including covers and interiors of personal history, family history and mini-memoir books.

In addition to memoirs,
Saving Stories can also work with you to create:

Books on Corporate History and Organizational History:
Anniversary Books for Businesses and Non-profits

Preserve and celebrate the founding and growth of your business or non-profit. Each organization is unique. We can work with you to produce a book to honor and celebrate what it is that sets your business apart; what has kept you going throughout the years. Saving Stories can help you craft a history to document your beginnings, founders, values, employees, and goals for the future. A history of a business or non-profit is a perfect way to mark significant anniversaries. It offers an opportunity to pause to reflect on where you have come from and where you are headed. A book detailing your business history can also be a thoughtful way to show appreciation to your employees, investors, supporters, and board members.


For many families, some of the most cherished memories revolve around the kitchen table and the taste of the food prepared by those we love. Capture these memories in a family cookbook. Include recipes, family photos, and stories from the kitchen or family celebrations when everyone gathered together to share your favorite meals. Let us help you create a special cookbook to celebrate and share your family’s heritage.


Contact us if you’re interested in a book in memory of a loved one. These tribute books can take a variety of forms. We would be happy to discuss the best way to honor the life of your loved one.


If you have something in mind that doesn’t fit the categories on this page, feel free to contact us. We can do group story-telling events, or consulting on a range of personal history-related projects. We’d like to hear your idea and see how we might help.

Gift Certificates

Know someone with a great story to tell? Want to help a relative start preserving their own stories?

Saving Stories offers gift certificates so you can help get the process started. Its a gift that will be appreciated for generations. Contact us today to learn more.

Contact us today for a free consultation
on your own personal history project.

Click here to see examples of our products. Including covers and interiors of personal history, family history, and memoir books.

All prices quoted above are subject to change

Saving Stories is a member of the the Association of Personal Historians, the National Aging in Place Council (Boston Chapter), and the American Folklore Society.

Association of Personal Historians National Aging in Place Council American Folklore Society

"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful job you did on our family book. It is so wonderful to see all of the old photographs and stories together. The book has brought the whole family closer together. Because of this book, everyone is talking and reminiscing about the old days.

"You have no idea
how much this means
to all of us."

— Mary G.
"The book you produced is just beautiful and I can't wait to unveil it at our 20th year celebration. It was such a joy to work with you on the layout and production. I am proud to be able to present our organization's history in this form and can't thank you enough."

— Sandy T.
(Book celebrating the 20th anniversary of a non-profit organization.)
"There was only one person left among my siblings who knew the early history of our family. That was my sister who was in her nineties.
When I found out about Saving Stories and saw their finished product, I knew that they would be the ones to do the job. I was not disappointed. The interviews were remarkable; the photographs, many faded, were reproduced beautifully. Now the memories are preserved.

"Don't wait too long!"

— Judy V.

"I would like to thank Chris for her professional and personal expertize which rescued my lagging memoir and turned it into a lovely book. Having finished the writing, I had no idea where to turn. At that moment, Chris was recommended to me, and it has all been remarkable to me since. Beyond her amazing technical skills, Chris has a warm, intuitive sense, not only of what will work well, but what will be pleasing to the client. A case in point was my surprise and joy with the cover design she proposed for my book. It struck a vibrant chord with me and nothing could have delighted me more. My sincere appreciation to Chris Wisniewski and Saving Stories."

— Millie R.