The Hurricane of 1938: Norwich Remembers the Storm of the Century

The Hurricane of 1938: Norwich Remembers the Storm of the Century

by Chris Wisniewski and published by the Bulletin. Read more about the latest book from Saving Stories and how to order a copy now.

Saving Stories

Saving Stories is a personal history service dedicated to preserving your memoirs, milestones, and personal history. Everyone has an interesting story to tell, and we can help you ensure that future generations have a record of what your life was like.

We work with individuals, families, businesses, and non-profits to produce hardcover and paperback books printed on archival paper with your stories and personal photos.

By preserving your own personal history, you can create a family treasure for future generations. The stories of your life will be a meaningful gift for your family, friends, and others - a way to record your legacy and to preserve and share your stories for future generations.

The process of creating your memoir can also provide you with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your life. It allows you to pause and make sense of the past. You may become aware of patterns and trends in your life: Who has influenced you the most? What were the pivital points in your life where a decision sent you down a path that has shaped the rest of your life? What lessons have you learned from the obstacles you have had to face that you would like to pass along to your children and grandchildren?

Our clients have four typical profiles:

  • People motivated to tell their own stories, either in written or oral form;
  • Adult children who want to capture their parents’ stories along with the stories passed down from earlier generations;
  • Businesses or non-profit organizations who want to record the history of their business or organization;
  • People of any age who want an unforgettable gift for a milestone birthday or anniversary, or who want to memorialize a loved one so his or her life will not be forgotten.

Each personal history project is unique, and we would be happy to offer you a free consultation to discuss possibilities for yours.

We look forward to working with you to preserve your own memoirs, milestones, and personal history.

Saving Stories is a member of the the Association of Personal Historians, the National Aging in Place Council (Boston Chapter), and the American Folklore Society.

Association of Personal Historians National Aging in Place Council American Folklore Society

"We tell stories to continue ourselves . . ."
— Ken Burns, The Art of Storytelling

Saving Stories
is a member of the Association of Personal Historians


Saving Stories has recently been featured in the Norwich Bulletin, by the Norwich Historical Society, and the Preston Pipeline.

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"This is probably the best present I could have given my father for his 80th birthday. He is truly enjoying his time working on this project! It will be a great legacy for the family."

— Amy M.
Sto lat: One Hundred years of the Wisniewski Family in America by Chris Wisniewski
Sto Lat: A Hundred Years of the Wisniewski Family in America.

An oral history of Polish immigrants in southeastern Connecticut in the early 1900s, now on sale. Read more . . .